Yesterday I wrote about the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone…

I think the worst thing that comes out of it is reframing the argument to be not related to police brutality.

When this first started going on (weeks ago), you would be hard-pressed to have someone be against simple protesting against that and for holding police accountable for their actions. Awesome.

Then it quickly got reframed with rioting and looting. To top it off people that were for the protests but against rioting and looting were presented as racists in many circles. What an awesome way to push supporters away from you.

From there the “defund the police” argument that requires a long and detailed explanation to literally everyone you might say that to. Average Americans want the police and at the same time want them to behave properly. When you have to explain to everyone what you mean, you’ve made an error in branding.

Now this shit. These idiots have once again recast this to be something completely different. Now it’s a bunch of mostly rich white kids (source: lived in Seattle for 7 years) trying to start a socialist revolution with the aid of a rapper warlord. I know of very few people outside of the college kids who’ve not learned life lessons yet that want anarchy and lawlessness.

But that’s what this movement has been made into in a lot of people’s minds.

People aren’t even talking about George Floyd for the most part. It’s just devolved into chaos and what people are thinking about with this is so far from the original argument it’s rather sickening.

Do you want to give conservatives ammunition for the upcoming elections? Because this is how you do that.