There are so many people that seem to love inventing process. And more still cling to the structure that process provides.

A series of interlocks that stand between you and getting things done.

So often I see process that doesn’t make any sense. Like, for instance, having someone from a different department sign off a chance. A change they likely have no context about and merely acts like a rubber stamp for.

One of the things I took away from Amazon is to have the ability to have audits, but don’t put up many impediments to get things done. It requires a shift in how you think: instead of assuming everyone wants to break stuff, believe that you have hired competent employees and let them work a bit freer.

Of course make sure that you have audits in place and the ability to roll back stupid changes. But there are so many things that benefit from being able to react quicker to changes that happen — changes big and small.