I remember back in 1999 or so when I was working at Progressive Insurance in Mayfield Height, Ohio. Both my co-worker and I had basically the same way of working: sit and ponder a problem for a while, then when you get to a solution just write it out.

Sometimes the pondering required a bit of experimental coding. Sometimes it involved playing with a plastic toy gun and doing target practice. Other times it was a long lunch.

One day another guy walked by as we were chatting about God-knows-what and he asked: “do you guys even work?”

The funny thing is we were kicking ass in terms of productivity.

When I worked at the library as a page (basically shelving books for the most part) in 1990 it was the same story. Even though I would spend half my time reading, I was much faster than everyone else.

My productivity generally comes in intense bursts.

Ever since I started working it’s been the same. I look like I’m not doing anything for the most part, but somehow I get work done.

However that works… I’ll take it. As long as I don’t get judged by how I get the job done.