My garage door was a bit messed up when we first moved in. One of them just wouldn’t close right when using the operator.

The obvious problem was the obstruction sensor wasn’t actually mounted because the bracket wasn’t there. Presumably it had broken years ago.

And this is where the 3D printing came in: I made a new bracket! Honestly, I way over-engineered the thing… it’s fully adjustable as well has some ridges to allow you to tighten the #6 bolt without reaching around to the nut on the other side. All of this was basically unneeded, but I did it because I could. :-D

The other problem, and I have no idea why this was like this, is that the operator stop position was just not set right. A simple adjustment of the limit screw fixed this… no clue why the previous owners didn’t at least fix this since it’s completely trivial.