Is life getting better?

Honestly, I think that it is.

A bunch of posts online used to be about how people are behaving poorly, not wearing masks, predictions of doom from the ever modifying phase 2, etc… If you look at how we behaved, both as a city as well as a state, we were pretty much asses compared to many places. From the crappy following the rules, Broadway opening up as it did, the ass-eating party, all of it…

And even with all that things have stabilized.

The truth for us is that I really believe the worst is long behind us. It’s not over, people will still get sick from this.

If you look back there were so many posts about COVID-related stuff that it seemed like that’s what everyone was always thinking of — especially in July where things were really bad. Because they were bad; we all were all engrossed. But now it just seems like people aren’t thinking about it as much anymore, it’s more background noise it appears.

Even this weekend posts about traffic coming back a lot more to “normal.”

I’m saying “for us” meaning here in Nashville. There are still rural places experiencing what we have a couple of months ago. It’s not fun times. For places that have been locked down a lot more (I’m thinking places like California), they are going through what we’ve already had happen. If they suddenly opened up to where we are here, you can bet they will have a significant uptick.

This isn’t over here, or elsewhere, and things will take a long while to return to pre-COVID times. Both from the “opening up” angle because people will continue to get sick (in decreasing numbers, but it’ll be a long tail), as well as from the psychological trauma that many people have experienced.

But I really think that things are getting better. I’m not truly happy, but I have reason to be very hopeful.

Just my opinion from looking at the data and how people are acting around me — both in-person and online here.