Author: George Burgyan

Fractal agile

This is on the heels of yesterday’s post about the 100% solution. While talking to a co-worker I had a realization, business is like a fractal. Huh? Tell a fractal is a fractional dimensioned entity. For instance a...

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Well, Ennie up and did it — she has her grand-pa’s old call sign. The FCC granted the vanity call sign request yesterday. And so we bring back to the air W8DFL. Congrats!

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X-Day 13: The Pictures

Simple and to the point. Pictures. Lots of them. I took 1540 pictures. Of those 215 made the cut. And without further adieu –> CLICK HERE TO LOOK! (I would post them here, but SmugMug does a far better job of making a...

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