Author: George Burgyan

Lulu Lemon Ta Ta Tamer Yarmulke

You buy a bra. You expect to get a bra, right? (Ok, I guess I don’t buy bras very often, but half the population does) You don’t expect to get much more than something to hold up your bosom. With Lulu Lemon’s...

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Rogue Dependencies

In growing a code base one of the things that comes to bite you is spaghetti code. Generally code doesn’t start off like that. In fact someone likely went in and designed the code to do the job in a nice simple and elegant...

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Hazel Drops By

A month or so ago I gave my buddy Gabe a call just to chat. Turns out he was right nearby and he dropped over — with his baby Hazel in tow! By dropping by, that means that the house is a mess. I was about to ship the...

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