Author: George Burgyan

At home with the iPad

First post from the iPad! The keyboard seems pretty good on this thing and I can type almost as fast on this as I can with a normal keyboard. I wound up getting the 32GB version since that’s what I told them them I was in...

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In line for the iPad

I think I can officially be called a fanboy at this point. I’m in line at the Apple store in Legacy Village for the 3G iPad. I think I’m going to go for the 32GB version but I think I’ll make the call when I...

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Lulu Lemon Ta Ta Tamer Yarmulke

You buy a bra. You expect to get a bra, right? (Ok, I guess I don’t buy bras very often, but half the population does) You don’t expect to get much more than something to hold up your bosom. With Lulu Lemon’s...

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