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Amazon Wally

A couple of pods away from me on the 9th floor, there’s Wally. He has a long leash and likes to chill in the hallway. Sometimes he has even less shame than normal. Meet: Wally! I do love working with dogs… one of the...

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Promotion-oriented design

Amazon, among a bunch of companies, of course, has some internal problems with leveling guidelines. For the longest time there was a requirement that you had to make a new service to go from an SDE-2 to an SDE-3. Any time you...

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The office shuffle

When my group moved to the building I’m in right now, Amelia, I had a desk kind of by myself in our pod. Life was good. Then, as we hired more people, someone moved in next to me — and that was a disaster for me...

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Rolling from one team to another… Willy -> Shamu. (Our overarching team’s name is “Orca,” so the sub-teams are names after killer whales… (yes, I know they are not whales)) Change is always fraught...

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Too little space and too much talking over me makes me a very unproductive George. In case you’re wondering I’m the desk nearest the camera. High density + loud people + traffic freaking behind me as people skooch...

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I was having an interesting discussion tonight about laying out a website. Specifically talking about how to sell industrial supplies. Yes, I know this is a weirdo thing to talk about someone with for fun, but hear me out....

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