Category: Electronics

Component stock

I have a pretty good supply of electronics I keep in stock… I have an array of microcontrollers, an FPGA dev board, all of the transistors, resistors, diodes you can shake a stick at. Common ICs that you’d use for...

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Smoker Controller – V1

Today was a day of looking at datasheets because it’s fun. I will be the first to admit that I have a strange definition of “fun.” Basically, I have an electronic mock-up of a smoker controller. I made room for...

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Smoker Controller

Yesterday as I was waiting for the smoker to finish the pulled pork I had on it I I got to thinking. It was frustrating to have the temperature fluctuating so much. I had the controller set to 225ºF and it was swinging from...

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Computer Cost

A couple days ago there was the Raspberry Pi Zero W announced. It sells for $10. $10 freaking dollars. You get a computer that runs Linux and has wireless connectivity, and HDMI (mini) and USB and it can actually do stuff. And...

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