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Finally, laws are being applied

There was a story on the local NPR affiliate, KUOW, about how Washington State is going to start prosecuting people who lie on their 4473 form to get a gun. About damn time. It’s been a felony to lie on that form for ages....

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Lawsuit to fight WA I-594!

News at last — maybe good, and can’t be bad. As reported in several places the Second Amendment Foundation has sued the State of Washington to at least clarify the vaguely written law that was added to the books by a...

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Sad and mad

Looking at preliminary results it looks like initiative 594 is passing in Washington. This is a sorry state of affairs about which I’m both angry about and mournful about. On the face of it it is for backgrounds checks for...

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Vote No on WA-594

We had a campaign worker try to get us to vote yes on WA-594. We had to advise him about how he was misleading voters before he left us alone. WA-594 in a ballot initiative to limit gun transfers in Washington. It basically...

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Restraining orders

A friend of a friend is in an abusive relationship. Today she got a restraining order. It’s not as much of a surprise that it’s a she who is getting the order since the size and strength difference is a real thing....

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Doing, not thinking

Over the weekend, like I mentioned a few days ago, Ennie and I went trap shooting. It turns out she took some video of my shooting some of the single-double-double round. The way this game works is it’s like a normal trap...

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