Category: Reloading

Accounting for cost

Ennie and I went out to the range today for a little stress reliever. Nothing quite like sending lead downrange with a loud report to take away the tension. Here’s the thing. How would I account for the cost of the...

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Now for an odd post. Today En and I were eating chili at Mike’s Chili Parlor a local joint that, as you might guess, serves up midwest-style chili. Not quite Cincinnati style, but close. As close as we’ve been able...

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Brass Trimming

Yesterday, after we got back from trap shooting in the rain I decided to do some brass prep. I had sized a whole mess of .223 and now I was on the other steps I detailed yesterday. As I was doing the trimming I noticed the...

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Explosions & Deflagrations

Watching Mythbusters today they claimed that the first explosive was… gunpowder. I have to break it to them but it doesn’t explode. It burns really quickly sure… but it’s not classified as an explosion....

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Reloading… Dangerous?

I went to the range with a friend of mine yesterday and like every other time I’m picking up brass for reloading the next time. When I got home I started sorting the brass. I found a few live rounds in the mix. Most of...

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Overpressure Ammunition

We came back from the range a week or two ago and with the cases that we’ve fired we seemed to pick up a rogue case. In sorting En properly picked the 10mm from the pile of .40 that we shot. They are basically the same...

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