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Smoker Controller

Yesterday as I was waiting for the smoker to finish the pulled pork I had on it I I got to thinking. It was frustrating to have the temperature fluctuating so much. I had the controller set to 225ºF and it was swinging from...

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Pulled Pork

Today I used my smoker in real anger for the first time. I tossed on a small pork butt and let it go to town. It’s a passive endeavor to drive the smoker. You put whatever you want to cook on and forget about it. And when...

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Carolina Reaper Challenge

Kei from the Merch team challenged me to eat a Carolina Reaper. I agreed. He roped in a few other folks from our floor to take the challenge with me. We all got some ice cream sandwiches for our troubles.  :-P He ordered some...

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Adventures in Bread-making!

Ennie and I watched a show on Netflix — Cooked, by Michael Pollan — about much of the history of food as told by the “four elements.” Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. I would highly recommend the show in any...

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Turkey. Vegan?

A week or so ago Ennie and I went to get some of Mike’s famous chili, and as traditional for us, we went over to Trader Joe’s next door. It’s just what happens when we need to go to either Trader Joe’s or...

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Cinco de Mayo

Back in Cleveland we had our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was a divey place in a strip mall — the type of place that if you drove by you would be unlikely to notice it since it was tucked into a corner. Mariachi Cocos....

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