Category: Food

Smoked Salmon

Fired up the smoker again to grill up some of the salmon fillets we got from the Amazon Treasure Truck. En whipped up a quick salad and served up some potato salad acquired from Ken’s up the street. It was a rash decision...

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Smoker Controller

Yesterday as I was waiting for the smoker to finish the pulled pork I had on it I I got to thinking. It was frustrating to have the temperature fluctuating so much. I had the controller set to 225ºF and it was swinging from...

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Pulled Pork

Today I used my smoker in real anger for the first time. I tossed on a small pork butt and let it go to town. It’s a passive endeavor to drive the smoker. You put whatever you want to cook on and forget about it. And when...

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Carolina Reaper Challenge

Kei from the Merch team challenged me to eat a Carolina Reaper. I agreed. He roped in a few other folks from our floor to take the challenge with me. We all got some ice cream sandwiches for our troubles.  :-P He ordered some...

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Adventures in Bread-making!

Ennie and I watched a show on Netflix — Cooked, by Michael Pollan — about much of the history of food as told by the “four elements.” Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. I would highly recommend the show in any...

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