Category: Humor

German Engineering

You’ve got to hand it to the Germans. They know how to make a pannier for my motorbike. I could’ve loaded in two of these bad boys into the hold and still fit a third on the other side. Though, to be honest,...

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I watched a video today… looking at it I couldn’t help but imagine the honeybadger guy voicing over it. I think I’ll have to make my own. I was just being silly making stuff up with my friend as we watched it....

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Meme me!

On a hike today Pete, my bro, blew a cloud of vape. Yes he vapes. On a hike. This looks well in line for a meme-ing. :-P Go for it! (forgot to hit post on this...

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Amazon… so soon?

(Disclaimer, this is part of a poster that is in a publicly accessible part of my building, Coral [Elevator lobby of the floor I work on before you need to badge in]. I do not in any way speak for Amazon, nor would they want me...

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Lusty Battery

I was throwing a used set of AA batteries into the battery recycling bin at work. I always look into bins like this to see if there is anything interesting. Normally there isn’t. This time there was. Yep. A...

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You had one job, Songza

For some reason I glanced at Sonos app while Johnny B Goode was coming out of the speakers. Up there. That’s what I saw. Maybe this is the cheap Chinese rip-off version of Chuck Berry — Chuch Berry. I wonder what...

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