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Subscription Software

The general thought from most of the internet is that the very idea of subscription software is vile. For some reason, I’m not in that same camp. I have a couple of different bits of software that I pay for as I go and...

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More on the chopping block

Does anyone out there want a Sony FDR-AX53 or a GoPro Hero 4 Black? The Sony was replaced by a Panasonic GH5 and the GoPro by a Sony FDR-X3000. The Sony will come with 3 batteries and an extra charger. The GoPro comes with a...

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Back to work

It’s been half a month since I worked. It’s always a jarring experience to get back to the grind from a vacation. Of course, the vacation I had was a very active one with me constantly on the move. One of the things...

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Post trip doldrums

It’s amazing how much energy got sucked out of my on my trip. With most every day being a combination of camp setup / tear-down, driving, hiking, and general activity I’m realizing how much I was “on” the...

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How to lose support

So May Day already happened obviously. Walking back from getting a birthday dinner for Ennie we found this taped up on some construction. It’s hard to get support from people, but bloody easy to lose support from those...

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I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown today. He was in the Basque region of Spain and France. In a passing comment, someone brought up Franco. That got me thinking. I didn’t really learn about that in...

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Stress and vacation

Over the past couple of months, I’ve slid into having a hair-trigger on my temper. I’m pretty sure it’s from the work stress bubbling over the top. Normally I’m a pretty even-keeled person. When I reach...

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There’s something about tools for me. They have a special meaning for me — more than just stuff. I have a real attachment. How they work, how they’ve been put together. What they can make. I always feel bad...

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