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Learning to Cat

We got Alice and Frank over a year ago. Frank took to us like a duck does to water. Alice, who is around three months older and had a life on the streets a bit, has never been completely on-board with people as much. She likes...

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I just noticed this is “frustration-7.” I guess this means I have plenty of frustration in the past as well. Those times you hit bottom… when your body decides to quit at 7:30 at night on a Saturday. When you...

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Cameras and Guns

I was over at my local camera shop today picking up a new printer, but that’s the subject of another post for later. Ok, well two people picking up since the big printers are a bit heavy and awkward. Before the printer I...

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Watching eBay

I have just over a day to go… I have a bunch of watchers but no bidders. I find myself just clicking refresh way too often to see if something has changed. My guess is that with 16 watchers at least one of them will decide...

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Trans Toilets Redux

Washington (the state) Republicans are trying to restrict access to toilets for the trans folks among us. They couch the laws in all sorts of “safety.” But you really have to think about them a bit deeper. What, or...

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I had my annual review today and I was asked what I really strive for. I had to think a bit. There’s the obvious money aspect. Everyone (well, most at least) does things to get money. Money makes the world go round. Once...

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This is a post in two parts. I’ll take no credit for either part. The first part was passed around on Facebook bunches today. The second part was written my En. To be clear, neither of us voted for Trump. I know many Moes...

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On the edge

En and I have started to watch Survivorman again — we found it online on Hulu. It’s something that we’ve watched before, but with new episodes that we’ve not watched. I realize that as we’re...

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