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Is life getting better? Honestly, I think that it is. A bunch of posts online used to be about how people are behaving poorly, not wearing masks, predictions of doom from the ever modifying phase 2, etc… If you look at how...

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The ‘rona

So my bro has the ‘rona and I was over at his place since he was presumably exposed… So I got tested today. I get to wait a couple days to get results. Le sigh.

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Ever since I’ve worked at ComparisonMarket I’ve been dreaming of being on another team like that. You work hard and you play hard and you’re all friends and get along (even if you fight along the way...

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100% set up garage doors

Ok… so it only took a year and a half… but now the garage doors 100% seem to work. Not just work, but also working with the Subaru and Ram truck. Half the reason for a garage door opener is to have the remote —...

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Going to Target last week with Jackie I ran into this: An entire couple of aisles devoted to actual records. Nothing opposed to it… if you want to consume music on that media then go right ahead. I have plenty of good...

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Breaking the seal with pasta

Jackie came over last weekend and it was a great time to be had. One very special part of this week was her amazing gift of both a piece of gear (and then some) as well as knowledge and an amazing meal we shared. What made it...

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