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A few more days

Next week will be the first time in around nine months that I’ll be gainfully employed. I just had gotten burned out something fierce. But next Monday I’m starting at Deem — working remotely. Working as a staff programmer. 😃 /me...

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If you give value to what others think of you, then it follows that you worry about making them think bad of you. If you worry about what others think of you then you’ll worry about everyone. Now, you also have to keep in...

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What is luck

I consider myself a lucky person on almost all accounts. I don’t think that means that nothing bad happens to me. But it just seems that the universe is ready to provide when and where I need it at the moment. But that...

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American Music

Ken Burns recently released his documentary on country music. I never was much of a fan, mostly from being told I wasn’t a fan by my parents. But as I’m watching this — up to episode 6 or 7 as I write this...

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One more to go

Tomorrow I have the last, rescheduled, interview to go. Wish me luck! – = – The more I was thinking about this the more I’m excited to get back to a “real” job. It’s weird. I think I really...

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Lost and found

Earlier this week — Monday morning in particular — I lost something in my house. It was to the point where I was nonsensically thinking I threw it out. Tuesday I was searching high and low. It was likely either in...

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