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Sharing the joy of a thing

I was talking to my bro over the last couple of days. He brought up knives. That got me overly excited about knives, and and the general vibe about them. I have a bunch in my collection, and one that I happen to carry just...

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Sole Repair

Saying bye to someone close. Closure in a way, but still not done. Knowing people. People knowing me. Surprised at times. All the people around whose lives you touched. Memories made; memories shared. We will all always...

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I fucking hate taxes. This is not a unique thought. Of course, I’ve also never been audited either, up until now. I’m fairly certain I’m right. But still, it’s something that just weighs on you. And...

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Good Tools

I have plenty of crappy tools. Many of them came from Harbor Freight or similar shops, but generally I have a bunch of sub-standard tools. I also have some good tools. As time is passing I’m getting less and less patient...

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Even though I’ve been working on a couple projects, check-ins to git are too few and far between at times. Which makes being on a project that’s starting to write code–good code I would reckon–and...

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Async gifting

I realized that I need to switch up gift-giving. The people in my life have everything they need already. You have two instances: Christmas and birthdays. The problem is that thinking of things at the right time isn’t...

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