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I made some “cameras!”

I now have a pair of home-built “cameras!” They are about as basic as the term can possibly be taken. I have a “Leica” and a “Micro-4/3” cameras. Ok, so they are nothing more than a lens mount...

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Eclipse in Idaho

Everyone in Seattle will be headed down to Oregon for the big eclipse. Ennie and I are headed to Idaho! Huh? I have an unnatural love of the high desert for some reason, and Idaho is pretty close to that. We got an AirBNB around...

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They say that the Eskimo have over 50 different words for different types of snow. (They do!) Then you get to humans and their relationships. On one extreme end, there are people that don’t know each other at all —...

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Ahh… the fourth of the “secrets” series. heh. Figures I was harping on this for just the while now. It feels so nice to have divested myself of that secret. I feel emotionally lighter. I guess this loops back...

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