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Bigger harvests

More and more of the greens that are coming into out house are coming from the garden! It’s just such a strange thing to see having grown up in cities. Gardens were the stuff you had to grow a special treat of a tomato or...

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A Hungarian yellow pepper! The first from the garden. It needed a bit more time on the plant, but it was touching the ground and threatening to start to degrade. This is the first big thing from the garden! 😃

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There is a threat of frost tonight. Not 100%, but still enough to be concerned… So that’s the garden right now. I know there’s a lot of waste from the plastic that is fundamentally one-time use, but it’s...

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First harvest 2020

The first couple radishes were ready to come out of the ground today! This is the first things we’re pulling out of the garden here in Nashville. The first of many things! Including 31 tomato plants and maybe 40 or 50...

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The start of the garden!

While I was off traveling, Ennie planted a whole ton of seeds. The broccoli are first ones to really pop through the dirt in a real way. And here they are! :-D These are only six cells of four 72-cell trays that are presently in...

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