Category: Guitar

Restring. Finally.

It’s been a bit of time since I got my guitar. Yesterday I finally stuck a new set of string on it. These are some Elixer strings I picked up from Amazon. I have to say that somehow the new strings sound so much better. I...

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Em <-> D

After maybe three or four hours of practicing just moving between E minor and D on the guitar, I managed to be able to switch between these two chords. It’s amazing how much practice it takes to get one’s fingers to...

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Today during the sprint’s retrospective the ice-breaker was “new year’s resolutions.” I don’t really have a resolution, per se. I think I gave up on them long ago. But I want to become a bit more...

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Return WTF?

So my Powercab is noisy. I went to Amazon to return it. Not eligible for return due to “flammable liquids or gasses.” What the fuck? Really? It’s a fucking guitar amp. Solid-state at that. There’s no...

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First song snippet

More of the guitar stuff… I’ve been practicing almost every day I’ve been home (and even got a set of strings to re-string a guitar that we have at the office when I’m there). So I’m able to...

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