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Kshama Sawant

Back a few elections ago I wrote about Kshama Sawant. She was an asshat then, and continues to be one to this day. She’s a communist activist at the moment. I was having some online discussions about her today and I came...

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How to lose support

So May Day already happened obviously. Walking back from getting a birthday dinner for Ennie we found this taped up on some construction. It’s hard to get support from people, but bloody easy to lose support from those...

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There was the slew of science marches today. My understanding is that generally they weren’t targetted towards politics, but in the current political climate there have generally been many digs at the right. I think that...

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Trans Toilets Redux

Washington (the state) Republicans are trying to restrict access to toilets for the trans folks among us. They couch the laws in all sorts of “safety.” But you really have to think about them a bit deeper. What, or...

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This is a post in two parts. I’ll take no credit for either part. The first part was passed around on Facebook bunches today. The second part was written my En. To be clear, neither of us voted for Trump. I know many Moes...

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“Shut the fuck up”

I had a realization while going for a walk and talk with a friend why I’m fed up with the alt-left, the alt-right, and a whole host of other parties. And I’m fed up with them for the exact same reason. In both cases,...

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Libertarian Socialist

I was reading the Wikipedia article on Noam Chomsky last night. This came as a result of talking about Aleppo and what we should do. The premise of my argument is that in the general case, whenever the US gets involved with just...

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Electoral vs Popular

There’s been a lot of hub-bub about the electoral victory that President-elect Trump won last week as compared to the popular vote that swung Secretary Clinton’s way. I’ve lost track of how many times this has...

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