Category: Motorcycles

Snow Riding

Riding a motorcyle on a snowy highway on the first leg of my summer late spring) trip to Utah this year. I managed to break the camera shortly after the last clip so I was a bit dejected about the project. I pulled it up tonight...

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(this was written yesterday, but apparently, I didn’t hit “post” hard enough.) So today is my birthday… My bike, however, had an even bigger milestone today! 30,000 miles on the clock. Both me and Matilda...

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Engineering Madness

I have a set of crash bars on my bike in case Matilda decides to take a nap. They protect the engine from having a sudden coming together with terra firma. They work great and I’ve certainly tested them a few times. This...

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German Engineering

You’ve got to hand it to the Germans. They know how to make a pannier for my motorbike. I could’ve loaded in two of these bad boys into the hold and still fit a third on the other side. Though, to be honest,...

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Motorcycle Ideas

I have a set of P3 lights that I got from Skene Design a while ago. They work great. But they’ve also got me thinking about other things like that. It started years ago — it started with the idea of what would I do...

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