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Snoop part Deux

All that is from smoking in the non-smoking theater last night. What was being smoked at a Snoop Dogg concert I will leave to your imagination. While I don’t think I would have picked going to this show, damn it was a lot...

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Music for videos

Not music videos. I have a want to make some videos. Videos of travel. The problem with videos or whatnot — especially if it’s filmed on the back of a motorcycle — is that it’s not a very good source of...

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Surfing on Google News I got a story that Sonos now supports a new lossless-compressed streaming service. In other news there are now lossless streaming services. The service in question is Tidal. Up until now I’ve been...

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Vampire Weekend (pre-review)

Amazon is an interesting place to work. Our post-holiday party will feature Vampire Weekend as the musical act. ! (Yeah, Amazon’s cool like that! :-P ) I’ve heard them before. If I recall correctly they played at...

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