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Forty Seven

Today marks the forty-seventh time around good old Sol. I’ve done cosmological measures in the past. But today it’s just time. If you asked me two years ago where would I be I would not say here. It’s such a...

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I know we have a lot of land out here, but I didn’t really do the math to really know. I fired up Google Earth and drew a polygon around my block in Seattle and the next block as well. Two blocks of residential came out to...

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Weird dream

I had a dream last night (well, morning to be specific… right before I was waking up) that I had to sell my place here in Nashville and head back to Seattle. The house we had there in Seattle wasn’t the one we left. It was...

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I love where I live now. I simply don’t want to even consider living in Seattle now. It’s so much nicer. I can see my neighbor’s house, but it’d take me a minute to walk there. I have space, both indoors...

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Nashville Tornado

A couple of nights ago there was a tornado that cut a 50+ mile gash through middle Tennessee. It came maybe within around 10 miles of my house. It was an EF3+ tornado with winds approaching 165 MPH. Scary stuff. There were two...

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One year + one day

It’s when we got this house for real. Got a message from our realtor congratulating us for getting the house yesterday. Of course it took us another month to take possession of it, but that’s water under the bridge I...

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