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Country sunset

I was driving home from my brother’s new place today as the sun was slowly dipping below the horizon. My arm was hanging out the window of the truck letting in the still-warm air. It just looked like a painting. And each...

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Olympia, WA – Cover

I grew up with Rancid (the band) and I love them. Last week I heard this on the local Lightning 100 radio station: I started singing along before I knew the song. What? Because I knew the song. And that, I think, is the best...

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Forty Seven

Today marks the forty-seventh time around good old Sol. I’ve done cosmological measures in the past. But today it’s just time. If you asked me two years ago where would I be I would not say here. It’s such a...

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I know we have a lot of land out here, but I didn’t really do the math to really know. I fired up Google Earth and drew a polygon around my block in Seattle and the next block as well. Two blocks of residential came out to...

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Weird dream

I had a dream last night (well, morning to be specific… right before I was waking up) that I had to sell my place here in Nashville and head back to Seattle. The house we had there in Seattle wasn’t the one we left. It was...

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