Category: Nashville

From the wings

The Ryman Auditorium is certainly a bit of history. Ennie and I were playing tourist today and we decided while I’m still between jobs — today we decided to go downtown to see the Ryman up close. The amount of...

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Painting kind of like a pro

The Florida room is the first to get some love in terms of making this house our own. But instead of the normal brush and roller routine, I busted out the sprayer. To do this, of course, I need to mask. And mask I did! Like the...

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Growing up in Cleveland I was used to the rain. Living in Seattle I was used to the rain. But here in Nashville, we get rain. Real rain. At any given moment you might very well get a storm just pop out of nowhere. And when it...

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Airport procedures

A while ago I was looking up the info on the local Nashville airport: BNA, or more appropriately KBNA. I noticed a funny thing in the arrivals and departures… They’re all named after local people or places… and...

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Feeling safe

After a lot of delay I got the Ring doorbell that I purchased before we even moved onto the house. Then I switched the location of the Ring that I look at. I’ve been looking at Seattle the entire time up until now. There...

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New plates finally

Ennie noticed that the tags on the Subaru had just expired last month so we needed to get the license plates set up here in Tennessee. Now this is actually rather a good thing. In Seattle between the Subaru and Matilda (the BMW...

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