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First day of house hunting

En and I saw seven houses today… and now we’re just beat. The first two had the most promise of all of them. The first one is a duplex that might work nicely, and possibly provide a bit of rental income as well. But...

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Day One

One of the things that is often said in Amazon that it’s always “Day One.” The intent is to never forget that underlying it all, Amazon always wants to feel like a startup. Whether this is a good thing or a bad...

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T minus zero. As of now I no longer have a working Amazon badge and my work computer is back on my manager’s desk. I wrote yesterday that this is like a chapter of a book ending. As I think about it, this is more akin to...

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HELOC: Signed

We signed the note for the Home Equity Line Of Credit today. Almost $330K on the line that we can use at the drop of a hat. (Well, they have to fund the credit line which takes three days, and another week to get the checkbook...

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I went to a barbecue place with Jackie tonight… and it got me thinking. Nashville is right about in the middle of the triangle of BBQ in the country. You have the Carolina BBQ to the southeast, You have Kansas City BBQ to...

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