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I love where I live now. I simply don’t want to even consider living in Seattle now. It’s so much nicer. I can see my neighbor’s house, but it’d take me a minute to walk there. I have space, both indoors...

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Nashville Tornado

A couple of nights ago there was a tornado that cut a 50+ mile gash through middle Tennessee. It came maybe within around 10 miles of my house. It was an EF3+ tornado with winds approaching 165 MPH. Scary stuff. There were two...

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One year + one day

It’s when we got this house for real. Got a message from our realtor congratulating us for getting the house yesterday. Of course it took us another month to take possession of it, but that’s water under the bridge I...

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We met up with a friend of ours at the Parthenon today. He was in town for his birthday and brought along a few friends with him. But that’s not the story at all. This is something that I had never even heard of, but there...

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From the wings

The Ryman Auditorium is certainly a bit of history. Ennie and I were playing tourist today and we decided while I’m still between jobs — today we decided to go downtown to see the Ryman up close. The amount of...

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