Category: Photography

Old School Cool

I was browsing an internet forum a few days back and someone mentioned a “multi-ISO film.” I vaguely remembered that back in the day. I needed to figure out what it was. Thankfully Google has scanned basically all of...

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Printing stuff!

I absolutely love that I have a great printer that can use with larger-format prints. A friend of mine is having some issues and her dad wanted this picture to hang on his wall. This was the top half of a 13×19 of Moab...

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Travel Camera

When I was buying my Leica M typ 240, and then with the M10 I was thinking that I would take the camera with me on my motorcycle trip. In many ways, it was one one the motivating factors for buying the camera in the first place....

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Skagit Valley 2017

Leica M10, Super-Elmar-M 21mm @ f/~5.6, 1/250s, ISO100. Lots of daffodils and a dramatic sky. Be thankful I edited out the myriad of bugs that looked like dust on the sensor — if the sensor dust had wings that...

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