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Looking at a pair of cameras purchased about a week apart really got me thinking. Exhibit A – Panasonic Lumix G85 Exhibit B – Leica M10: The difference in the controls are simply amazing. First off, I’m going...

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Why Film?

I have a variety of digital cameras… Leica M10 Leica M240 Canon 5D mkII Panasonic G85 iPhone 7 Various digital point-and-shoots I also have film. But why should I use it when I such options like the above? Film is an odd...

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What? Another camera?!

Yep… Another camera entered the shed over the weekend. In honesty, this new one will be pushing another one off to eBay in a week or so once I’ve fully tested it out. So, this is the Panasonic G85. It’s a...

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