Category: Photography

Slide scanning – Hardware V2

I’ve made a hell of a lot of progress with the software side of the photo project. Even though I have a lot of test data loaded into the system as it stands now it would really be a better to start to use real images from...

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OCR Of handwriting

I started to play around with some of the services that are offered by Azuer to see if I would be able to use them to handle the OCR of the slide mounts… I tried this image that I just snapped with my iPhone: I uploaded...

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More project progress

I’ve not talked about the Past Photo project in a little bit… I just want to give a bit of a progress report on this guy. I have full authentication support built in for both local and Twitter OAuth schemes....

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Rainy Radnor

My brother and I went for a hike today at Radnor Lake. In other news, my brother is visiting me here in Nashville. It was raining on-and-off the entire time, with the wick being turned up to high at the end of it. I have no...

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