Category: Photography

From the wings

The Ryman Auditorium is certainly a bit of history. Ennie and I were playing tourist today and we decided while I’m still between jobs — today we decided to go downtown to see the Ryman up close. The amount of...

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For the scanning project I’ve made a task list to work off of. I’m a scrum of one I guess. So I was grooming the backlog today and I realized how many tasks I’ve been able to cross of the list of todos....

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Two forward, one back

Today was a frustrating day working on the photo site. I had some functionality working just fine but as I was working on extending that to a more generalized technique I realized that it’s not going to work the way I want...

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Around 300 slides per hour

I did my first real test of the slide scanning apparatus… and my first real pass at scanning slide in bulk wound up going at around 300 slides per hour. I got one stack of slides in my 12×12″ box scanned in...

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It verks!

My scanner works. I have the pictures of the slides. I have pictures of the slide mounts. I have the hardware and firmware working. It’s all coming together!

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