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On Broadway in Capitol Hill. I was walking with a lens I’m not 100% comfortable with, the 90mm Summicron. That was the only lens I had with me that walk. I looked to my right as I walked past an open window looking into a...

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In a couple of weeks we’ll have an eclipse pass over us. En and I will be in Idaho for it staying at an AirBNB for the duration… well, except when the eclipse is actually happening of course. I also got some more...

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Portrait – At 21mm

Everyone knows that you shoot portraits at a medium telephoto. Pick something from 75mm through 135mm if you want to flatter your subject, right. 21mm? (Yes, on a full frame) Why not? This is uncropped. Yes, I would crop in a...

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Alki Lighthouse

Leica M10 + SEM 21mm @ f/8 Ennie and I went up to the top of the lighthouse at Alki Point. The depth of field at 21mm is amazing. The near-field is still out of focus. A foot away is in focus. The first shot had the...

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