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Twin Falls Hike

As much as I complain about Seattle for the policies in place by the government, I can’t much complain about the natural beauty. This was the Twin Falls train just outside of North Bend, WA. Leica M10 + Summilux 50mm ASHP...

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Well, it worked!

Granted, this is a prototype since there’s no mounting flanges… but it works! There’s almost no hang-ups at all and things feed 100% one slide at a time! :-D It took a year of thinking to get to this state, but...

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More design roundabout

I’ve been working on the slide scanning rig that I’ve been slowly (ok, too slowly) putting together. The part that was giving me grief lately is the top of the slide feeder. A couple of days ago I posted this design:...

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Selector Mechanism

This is most of the hard part of the selector mechanism I designed for the slide scanner. This is now using a rotary picker to remove the bottom slide off of a stack of slides that will sit at a 45º angle to the bottom cutout;...

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More out-of-the-box thinking

I was thinking about rotating parts on the slide scanner over the past few days, as I was writing here. That got me thinking about the hardest part of the whole mechanism: the slide feed apparatus. The purpose of this is to take...

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I made a thing

I’ll go more into the design of this later… But this thing, which I printed last night, is the prototype of the base scanner module for my slide scanner. Like I wrote a couple of days ago, I was struggling with the...

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