Category: Photography

Leica M10, all but confirmed

I know I wrote about this about a week or so ago, but there’s been a bit of movement on the Leica front. Leica Rumors posted pictures of a new camera: While the label is an obvious rendering, a quick google of the...

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Leica Upgrade?

It’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve ordered my Leica. Back then there were rumors that it would get an upgrade within a few weeks after I purchased my camera. The rumors are running rampant again. The question...

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Actioncam Upgrade

I have a couple of GoPros that I’ve taken on a few trips. The problem that I’ve always had with them was the lack of image stabilization. The shaky footage can be somewhat solved with post-processing, but it’s...

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Photokina 2016

It’s always an interesting thing watching a trade show. Even though it was a week or two ago this year’s Photokina is no exception. There’s a swing back to medium format going on with both Fuji and Hasselblad...

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