Category: Film

Dynamic range of film

I oftentimes go back and forth with film and the overall dynamic range of it… Realistically I think the even stacked up against the latest digital sensors, black and white film is going to be better at capturing more of...

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Yashica – Part 1

The Yashica Samurai X3.0. My friend Jackie has an older camera that was just sitting around. I had never had the pleasure of using one like this one before. The battery, a 2CR5 lithium, had long died. When we replaced it with a...

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Late fall walk of Seattle

Reflections Building Amazon Steps Lunch friend Bier Pizzaria Sleep Roadworks Pupper! Sunset from the office Metall Schmetterling All shot on Ilford Delta 400 with a Leica M7 + Summilux 50mm. Various exposure settings. Post...

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