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Manual focus

I posted a shot yesterday with a cute gosling shot with the 50mm. As I was shooting with a number of lenses I realized how good the rangefinder focusing system was. It’s not perfect since you can’t really see...

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Late fall walk of Seattle

Reflections Building Amazon Steps Lunch friend Bier Pizzaria Sleep Roadworks Pupper! Sunset from the office Metall Schmetterling All shot on Ilford Delta 400 with a Leica M7 + Summilux 50mm. Various exposure settings. Post...

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Hot Leica on Leica Action

Leica is a strange company. Well, companies. Leica is a brand that is shared by four independent companies. I was walking around with my Leica and I spied someone using their Leica: Mine is from Leica Photography. His was...

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Growing up I had my Minolta X-700 as my camera. It was the early 80s and the notion of autofocus was a foreign concept. There were companies that were working on autofocus, but it was early days. (Oddly, Leica had some of the...

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