Category: NG8B

Listening to the air

This was the first set of real DX that I was able to make out above the noise. DK3EE was calling CQ on 80m and this is how it all went down. SWL Recording Cool stuff I tell ya! I think I’m going to need a better receive...

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The right time

It’s never the right time to do anything. Well, it almost never is. I had the antenna sitting in my garage waiting to be be installed since around February. Of course it wasn’t doing any good in the garage. Why was...

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GAP Titan Antenna – SWR Analysis

So I have my antenna up and I took the time to run through the SWR charts for all of the bands. I can say it lives up to expectations — it resonates everywhere it was claimed to. I do have a bit of tuning I need to do on...

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The antenna is up in the air!

The GAP Titan has been installed and it’s working! It took a bit of time to get it done. I think it’s about 8-10 hours that I spent all told over the weekend not counting the time spent getting the feedline fished...

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Putting up the antenna – Part 1

We made it past a major milestone last night: we have a way of getting the antenna feedline out of the house! This was a harder job than I expected. Maybe it’s because I never did it. Let’s take a step back though....

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Finally, after nearly a year of trying (ok, a year consists of maybe half a dozen attempts) I was able to have a QSO on D*STAR! You can check the log at the WB8THD repeater if you look quick enough. I’m NG8B/M on there. I...

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