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How to lose support

So May Day already happened obviously. Walking back from getting a birthday dinner for Ennie we found this taped up on some construction. It’s hard to get support from people, but bloody easy to lose support from those...

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Engineering Madness

I have a set of crash bars on my bike in case Matilda decides to take a nap. They protect the engine from having a sudden coming together with terra firma. They work great and I’ve certainly tested them a few times. This...

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Tour of Washington

A little while ago I ordered a lens to go with my micro-four-thirds camera. I ordered it from Amazon from a third-party seller. Both Amazon and the seller (Focus camera in this case) did their job the way they were supposed to....

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I was driving around Seattle yesterday (Holman road just north of 85th while driving south in case you’re playing along at home). I was going to make a right hand turn on 85th so I was in the right lane of the four-lane...

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