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I was driving around Seattle yesterday (Holman road just north of 85th while driving south in case you’re playing along at home). I was going to make a right hand turn on 85th so I was in the right lane of the four-lane...

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Measles. Mumps. Rubella. Apparently, someone at Amazon brought in the first one. I’m not going to singularly blame them. There are legit cases where people can’t or at least shouldn’t be immunized. Then I get...

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When is 40Mbps faster?

Over the weekend we were visited my some sales folks from CenturyLink. They are in the process of rolling out their fiber internet connection and were trying their best to sell me on their service and get me to switch. The...

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Trans Toilets Redux

Washington (the state) Republicans are trying to restrict access to toilets for the trans folks among us. They couch the laws in all sorts of “safety.” But you really have to think about them a bit deeper. What, or...

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Asshole vs. Idiot

Driving around today Ennie and I got behind some idiot drivers. I conjectured that it’s better to be around an asshole driver than it is to be behind an idiot. The idiot doesn’t know what they will do next. The idiot...

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“Shut the fuck up”

I had a realization while going for a walk and talk with a friend why I’m fed up with the alt-left, the alt-right, and a whole host of other parties. And I’m fed up with them for the exact same reason. In both cases,...

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Uber Idiots

I was riding home from work today about to ride into an intersection where I had no stop sign. I know this is a sketchy intersection so I covered my controls and horn waiting for someone to blow the stop sign on the cross street...

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