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There’s something awesome about something new beginning. Awesome is the right word in my mind — something to be in awe of. Not getting to much into it here. Not my place at the moment — not yet. It’s...

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As time is passing I have to say that being more open with people around us is making me a happier person. Hell, being more open with me is making me a happier person. Asking for what you want (consent is key after all) can make...

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On our summer trip last month we were headed into a tinderbox. Western Canada was getting no rain and it seemed that British Columbia was in the process of spontaneous combustion. We arrived. We arrived to rain. Much needed rain...

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Note: This is a meta post about posts I’ll be making in the future. We’re all familiar with the story arc of a typical relationship — AS SEEN ON TV. Boy starts out alone. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl court each...

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