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Star Wars

Ennie and I, and half my building from work, went to see a screening of Star Wars today after work at Cinerama. It was part of a Toys For Tots campaign wherein you donate some toys and Amazon and Cinerama give you a part of...

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Things working properly

A lot of time is spent making do with equipment. As time passes things generally start to fail. All failures are not catastrophic. Sometimes failures can be subtle and things just don’t work as well as thei aught to. My...

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iPad Pro — First reaction

I took Friday off after a long Thursday night deployment. I decided to more or less say screw it with waiting for B&H to get the order I put in a long while back and just bite the bullet and get an iPad Pro locally. Yes, I...

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Jessica Jones; Buffy

Just now — well minutes ago at least — we finished the first season of Jessica Jones. No, I’m not going to spoil it for you. Watch it. It’s well worth the binge. But the thing that struck me is that...

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