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The Great Seattle Snowmageddon of 2019 (part 1) hit last Monday and our street has been icy ever since. At its peak, even large 4x4s weren’t able to get up the hill. Of course lots of cars with crap tires kept trying. Even...

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Snow Day 2019

People are idiots. We had cones on the top of the hill and general warnings on the other side… and people still insisted that they can go up and down the hill willy-nilly. And SDOT (Seattle Department of Transportation)...

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Things not to do in a car

We were going off to get some provisions at the local grocery store, Ken’s Market. There wasn’t much parking available around there so we parked on a side street and walked the half a block to get to the shop. As we...

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T minus zero. As of now I no longer have a working Amazon badge and my work computer is back on my manager’s desk. I wrote yesterday that this is like a chapter of a book ending. As I think about it, this is more akin to...

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End of an era

An empty Viaduct Just graffiti… Friday was the last day of the SR-99 Viaduct in Seattle. Over the next three weeks it’ll be torn down and the new tunnel will be commisssioned. Thankfully, my last day at Amazon is on...

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Poop 💩

Ennie drove me to work today. As we got off the exit from Aurora to Dexter Ave. N. I glanced up at the homeless encampment that has re-sprouted at the bend. Location marked with the purple pin And some dude stared back as he was...

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