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Seattle Parts Unknown

Sitting in the Shanghai Room just walking distance from us watching Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” with a crowd of people — awesome. The bar we were at (with some amazing food, BTW) was featured a bit...

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Seattle property crime

You think that not policing the streets and letting vagrants run rampant won’t do anything? Congrats Seattle for taking the crown for the most property crime in the nation! The assholes on city council insist on even less...

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The bus lane + turns = Idiots

This is mainly aimed at Seattle’s idiot drivers, but in general, this would apply just about anywhere in the US. On my way to work this morning I passed an idiot trying to make a right turn onto Aurora Ave. Aurora is one...

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One of the shows Ennie and I watch is Deadliest Catch — all about crab fishing of all things. The first time I heard of it I scoffed at the idea of it, but ever since we moved to Seattle it’s one of the constants in...

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RIP Mayor of Seattle

Our now former piece-of-shit mayor finally stepped down from the throne of the mayor. He’s had not one, but at least five accusations of child rape up to now — including one from his own cousin. I get the whole...

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On Broadway in Capitol Hill. I was walking with a lens I’m not 100% comfortable with, the 90mm Summicron. That was the only lens I had with me that walk. I looked to my right as I walked past an open window looking into a...

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