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Forward Thrust

Found at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) here in Seattle. Backstory: the Lusty Lady was a strip club with a well-known marquee where all sorts of messages appeared. “Forward Thrust,” unlike what...

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Historic Buildings of Seattle

I present this turd: This is now preserved as a historic building. What? This is a low building overlooking Lake Union that is 98 years old (as I write this). This is a block that holds no architectural significance, cultural...

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The news of the train derailment between Tacoma and Olympia hit me harder than I would have expected. I’m not there. I don’t ride that train–in fact, I’ve never ridden that train. But it’s...

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Seattle Parts Unknown

Sitting in the Shanghai Room just walking distance from us watching Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” with a crowd of people — awesome. The bar we were at (with some amazing food, BTW) was featured a bit...

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Seattle property crime

You think that not policing the streets and letting vagrants run rampant won’t do anything? Congrats Seattle for taking the crown for the most property crime in the nation! The assholes on city council insist on even less...

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