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Walking out of my building today at lunch the sun poked out of the clouds for a moment, and was completely in line with the entrance door. I stopped on the stairs for a moment to take a photo. Working at Amazon can be...

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More Seattle Crap

So… En was walking back from the bus stop after work (this was a few hours ago)… a gaggle of police with guns and rifles drawn told her to get inside (in this case it was to the carpet shop at the end of our street). The hooker...

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Seattle Taxes

I got a letter in the mail from my mortgage holder, Bank of America. It turns out the autopay I had set up for my mortgage, which was just fine for a long time, was insufficient on my last payment since the payments went up to...

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Smoky Sunset

Taken next to I-5 walking down from Capitol Hill today. The air is just nasty. The weather is allegedly “sunny,” because we don’t have any clouds… but instead we got another onslaught from Canada, worse...

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Smokey Seattle

Silly Canada… setting their country alight. All of Seattle is just covered in smoke from the fires up north; it smells like a barbeque. Leica M10 + Summicron 90mm ASPH @ f/8, 1/1500s, ISO 200....

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Neighborhood Prowler

This guy decided to look over my driveway gate to see if there was anything he could take that wasn’t bolted down. He may have seen the camera that’s on top of my shed and he moved on to check out my neighbor’s...

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