Category: Technology

Frameworks that work

I spent the past month or so I was working on a framework for my team. It winds up being a replacement for something that we’ve been working with for a while. The level of complexity that we had in the previous was...

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I work in a group that makes mainly custom-printed t-shirts… the topic of color comes up occasionally. The thing with color is that you everyone thinks they know color because they learned ROYGBIV in kindergarten. But...

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I was writing some code today and got to pondering, as one does when writing code. There are many ways to organize code. There’s the camp that wants to cram as much logic into the least space. There are the folks that, for...

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Academic Computer Science

I had a thought over the last bit of time about how programmers learn their trade. When I was cutting my teeth the expectation was that you already knew how to program by the time you got to school. It’s something that you...

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As a programmer, I look at the code that I have to work in and oftentimes shake my head in disgust saying “who was the dumbass that did this?” That got me thinking. Most every time I dealt with a tradesman, be it a...

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