Category: Technology

Academic Computer Science

I had a thought over the last bit of time about how programmers learn their trade. When I was cutting my teeth the expectation was that you already knew how to program by the time you got to school. It’s something that you...

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As a programmer, I look at the code that I have to work in and oftentimes shake my head in disgust saying “who was the dumbass that did this?” That got me thinking. Most every time I dealt with a tradesman, be it a...

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Practical security

Designing a secure system is a tough nut to crack. You need to have the ability to do your job as well as the capacity to prevent intrusion. Couple all that with what it is you are trying to secure, that is what’s the cost...

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Quick and dirty scripts

Without getting too far into the specifics about the stuff I’m doing at work (random on-call stuff to fix problems that have cropped up in systems) one of the common tasks is to make a quick throw-away script that’ll...

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Dodgy Design

The little things… the little things matter to me. Here you have a Dell laptop that was given out by our helpdesk as a loaner to my co-worker. “Deskside support” as they’re called, even though they...

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Mario Odyssey — Awesome

I’m more than digging the first couple of levels of Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. It has just the right level of challenge and fun mix for my taste. So the above video isn’t really overly a spoiler —...

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