Category: Technology

Learning to program

I had an interesting conversation at work today — about how to learn to program. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth you sat down at your computer and quickly learned something like BASIC. Once you outgrew that you were...

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Domain Name Scam

A couple of days ago I got a letter in the mail… the old-fashioned postal mail. Oh, look. I can spend more money that I’m spending right now with GoDaddy by simply filling out the “not a bill” scam. And...

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RISC has been the neat new thing for eons now. RISC is Reduced Instruction Set Computer — it makes it easier to make processors run fast since there’s less logic that needs to be baked into the silicon than a CISC,...

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Code Reviews

I had a conversation at work today about code reviews… I made some connections that I’ve not really had before. So, let me start off and say that I like code reviews. They are a good way of maintaining good overall...

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