Category: Technology


There was a conversation today at work about docs. Amazon has a huge internal wiki where we basically keep all of our documentation. It’s a great help in certain cases. Certainly for our team it makes for a great place to...

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Starting a project

I’m working on a bit of a side project that’ll involve some web work. Nothing really that huge, but potentially pushing a few terabytes of data a month out to customers. The way things are now it’s just so much...

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Interview Questions

It’s interesting to look at the world to find interview questions. I’ve tended to gravitate towards some of the old stand-bys, but recently the NBC bracket website crapped out. Now you can do all sorts of...

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AWS Outage

Disclaimer: While I work for Amazon we had no direct involvement in the massive S3 outage yesterday. We were, like many parts of the internet (and Amazon) affected, but I had no hand in the problem or fixing it. It’s...

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Design of experiments

There was something that came up at work today that made me think of traditional science. Specifically, it made me think of the scientific method. Whenever you try an experiment, you need to figure out what the success criteria...

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