Category: Technology

AWS Outage

Disclaimer: While I work for Amazon we had no direct involvement in the massive S3 outage yesterday. We were, like many parts of the internet (and Amazon) affected, but I had no hand in the problem or fixing it. It’s...

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Design of experiments

There was something that came up at work today that made me think of traditional science. Specifically, it made me think of the scientific method. Whenever you try an experiment, you need to figure out what the success criteria...

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The need… for speed.

As I’m publishing more things to YouTube I’m starting to run into a bottleneck in terms of rendering speed of my computers. I have a couple machines at my disposal, but none of them are very new at all. I have a...

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I had an interesting hallway conversation with a co-worker other day about how something in Amazon’s systems just don’t work for us. “Why didn’t they make it in a way that could be extended to our use...

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Simple or complex

I got into a conversation at work about something that is, intuitively, a simple topic but is actually complex. This got me thinking. You can think of this as a square, on one axis is perceived complexity, on the other is real...

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Just a neat bit of meta news: today my Google account rolled over $100 today. After only around six months I’m finally getting a bit of money from the site. Prior to this, I was using Amazon ads, and that was paying out...

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