Category: Technology

Another cycle with computers

The general rule-of-thumb with computers in my house is that when Ennie’s needs are no longer met with the current set of computing devices she’s using I upgrade mine and she gets what I was using in the past. I...

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Subscription Software

The general thought from most of the internet is that the very idea of subscription software is vile. For some reason, I’m not in that same camp. I have a couple of different bits of software that I pay for as I go and...

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There was a conversation today at work about docs. Amazon has a huge internal wiki where we basically keep all of our documentation. It’s a great help in certain cases. Certainly for our team it makes for a great place to...

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Starting a project

I’m working on a bit of a side project that’ll involve some web work. Nothing really that huge, but potentially pushing a few terabytes of data a month out to customers. The way things are now it’s just so much...

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Interview Questions

It’s interesting to look at the world to find interview questions. I’ve tended to gravitate towards some of the old stand-bys, but recently the NBC bracket website crapped out. Now you can do all sorts of...

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