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Apple Watch – Series 4

I already wrote on Friday that I picked up the new iPhone XS from the Apple Store. While there I checked out the new S4 Apple Watch. I didn’t pre-order it so of course, they had none for me to purchase. I had a Series 2...

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New Phone Day

Today I picked up the new iPhone XS. If I wasn’t on a plan when I give my phone to Ennie every year, I don’t think that this phone is really worth the upgrade. Objectively is it a better phone? Yes, it is. It feels...

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iPhone X – Preordered!

With the preapproval process this was just a few seconds long. Done. Ok… so why am I getting one? Good question I suppose. In many ways, this is continuing the trend. I’ve been getting the new iPhones on release day...

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Another cycle with computers

The general rule-of-thumb with computers in my house is that when Ennie’s needs are no longer met with the current set of computing devices she’s using I upgrade mine and she gets what I was using in the past. I...

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The need… for speed.

As I’m publishing more things to YouTube I’m starting to run into a bottleneck in terms of rendering speed of my computers. I have a couple machines at my disposal, but none of them are very new at all. I have a...

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