Category: Programming

Effective Antipatterns

My team has an “Effective Java Book Club” where we go over the book “Effective Java (3rd edition)” a few items at a time every couple of weeks. This is from Item 34 of that book. Whatever you do,...

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Principle of least surprise

I spend a lot of time complaining about technology and when things don’t work. Today is different. I just spent maybe a day or so rewriting a library that read in ion and converted them to some objects. Ion is a JSON-like...

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RMS Suckiness

A couple weeks ago I wrote a framework for working with the images that we use for our system at work that I’m rather proud of. The framework took a couple of weeks to write to the point of it working well enough to make...

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Frameworks that work

I spent the past month or so I was working on a framework for my team. It winds up being a replacement for something that we’ve been working with for a while. The level of complexity that we had in the previous was quite a...

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I was writing some code today and got to pondering, as one does when writing code. There are many ways to organize code. There’s the camp that wants to cram as much logic into the least space. There are the folks that, for...

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