Category: Wordpress

Blog Change

The blog has been a constant in my life for a long time now. It started off as the trip blog — — back in 2008 on the first trip to Alaska on the bike. It started life as a travelogue with a few brief...

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Another blog experiment

I read on ArsTechnica today that CloudFlare is now offering free HTTPS for all of its sites — including the free ones. I’ve looked at them before. They are a distributed web site caching company. They’re kind...

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Amazon AWS Upgrade

In my WordPress install series I wrote about spinning up an EC2 instance to serve up a WordPress blog. I was looking at AWS’s EC2 offering today and I noticed that there’s a new EC2 instance type called a t2.micro....

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Blog Experiments

One thing I noticed in with the blog is that while I get a lot of traffic, I tend to get a high bounce rate. People come to the site from a search, find one thing, then just leave. I think the problem is that a lot of different...

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Odd WordPress Date Issue

I noticed something lately on the blog here. I’m fairly certain that this isn’t a setup issue, but a WordPress issue. What I’ve been seeing is when I save a draft of a post, the publish date somehow moves back...

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