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Global Entry: Check!

A little bit ago I upgraded my credit card to one that credits me to get Global Entry. It’d be silly for me not to get it. This is the TSA pre-check on steroids, you get everything that you get with the pre-check, and you...

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Blood donation… I had a sad

Whenever you give blood you have the standard list of questions that you need to answer. Bloodworks Northwest has these touch-screen computers you use to fill out the questionnaire. Then I got to this question. :-( I did not...

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I decided to go down to Portland with a friend for a couple of nights. On a lark, I decided to book a hotel room through my Amex’s site. I chose the Kimpton Monaco Portland. And with that, I’ve been forever spoiled....

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Snow Riding

Riding a motorcyle on a snowy highway on the first leg of my summer late spring) trip to Utah this year. I managed to break the camera shortly after the last clip so I was a bit dejected about the project. I pulled it up tonight...

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