Category: Travel

Packing: Easy now

Sitting at the airport with a couple of bags — small bags — I started thinking about packing. Not use about me, but also En. At first, years ago, packing was way more of an ordeal. Now, post motorcycle travel,...

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Top of the mountain

If I don’t post something else I’m on top of a mountain (well, almost) on the Olynmpic Penninsula. :-) Hopefully we stay dry overnight. But so far it’s been not rainy, so I’ll take that for now. A lot can...

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Trips, Business

Business trips are in so many ways a crapshoot. You can wind up meeting with the right people and get a lot done in a short time. Alternately, you can travel and spend a lot of time and money and be more tired at the end. I have...

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