Category: Camping

On the edge

En and I have started to watch Survivorman again — we found it online on Hulu. It’s something that we’ve watched before, but with new episodes that we’ve not watched. I realize that as we’re...

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Top of the mountain

If I don’t post something else I’m on top of a mountain (well, almost) on the Olynmpic Penninsula. :-) Hopefully we stay dry overnight. But so far it’s been not rainy, so I’ll take that for now. A lot can...

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Dry Run (cooking)

A while back we got a nice dehydrator. We used it to make jerky a number of times but since I’ve been cutting back on the whole eating thing that took a back seat. You know by now that Ennie and I are planning a trip in...

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Camping smaller

This has been a quest of ours for a while. Every time we head out we seem to take fewer and fewer things. When we first went off on the Alaska trip back in 2008 we had a very different packing list than we do now. Not only did...

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