Category: Trip 2014


In case you were wondering where exactly I went on my little adventure you can see for yourself by downloading the GPX from my Garmin. I’ve done a little massaging to it to combine it into one file instead of parted out...

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Adventure Hangover

This happens every time. When I get home I’m just really disoriented. When for more than a week you’re primate goal is to go and survive (or is that survive and go) you get to point of routine. My days consisted of:...

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Traveling north I’m starting to think of home. While moving away from my life in Seattle there’s the feeling of fear and uncertainty that kept nagging. (Why? Don’t really know.) On the way back north I’m...

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I was sitting in a brewery today blowing off some steam and on TV was the Tour de France. I was looking at the daily struggle of the men in the race. Why do it? Sure, there is the “win” part of the race… but by...

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