Category: Trip 2015


It’s been a week since I went back to work. It’s been a long week. The amazing thing is that it’s so quick to fall into the “not work” camp. Yes, even though travel is work in many ways. Hell, the...

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Tire Troubles

Before the trip I mounted up some new rubber onto Matilda. I spooned on the new set of TKC-70 tires and things were good. Until they weren’t. On the trip I started to notice a bit of high-speed wobble coming from the...

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Home. Trip 2015 in the books.

Long story short, we’re home.  :-)  (well, got home last night anyway) Why early? Well, skipping Whitehorse cut out two days of trekking all over the Yukon. We were sitting at Liard Hotsprings and thought “why are we...

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Why a bike?

Tomorrow we leave. The panniers are packed. We’re leaving tomorrow. So, why a motorcycle? Well, there’s a lot to be said about traveling small. We have everything we need in two little boxes that are on the side of...

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Almost packed!

Almost done! The clothes are laid out in the bedroom. The tools and food are down in the family room. The sleeping stuff (tent and bags) and chairs are under the table. Some last minute things with electronics and whatnot and...

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