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Lighting Options

I was wandering around today and went over to Kenmore Camera today just to see what they had. They had a pile of USB-rechargeable lights on sale for $69 — lights that I’m really looking forward to using for video...

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Legal Weed

Under Obama there was the Cole Memo that basically let the states do what they want regarding canibis products. This is a good thing. I’m here in Washington and we’ve had recreational marijuana for as long as...

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Dogs at work

I have to say that one of the big perks at Amazon is getting to play with the doggies that people are allowed to bring to the office. My pod started off with one doggie that came in rarely — then another (the half brother...

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Mobile virus scanner

All I have to do is read stuff like what was just posted on Ars to double down on my overall disdain of Android. When I’m working on my phone or tablet I don’t want to even think about viruses or malware. People talk...

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