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Mobile virus scanner

All I have to do is read stuff like what was just posted on Ars to double down on my overall disdain of Android. When I’m working on my phone or tablet I don’t want to even think about viruses or malware. People talk...

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This wasn’t something I was expecting to go to, but on account that I have a very good sense of guessing business numbers I snagged a ticket. So,...

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Vancouver, BC – Part 1

Driving around Vancouver is strange. Ok, so I’m driving around Vancouver on a Saturday, but I have to say that the overall way that things have been laid out is a bit sub-optimal. It’s just, well, slow. It gave me a...

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Post Mortem

Looking at the various reports of the post mortem from the election it simply stuns me that the Democratic National Committee does not get it. All of the blame that’s being doled out is to anyone and everyone except the...

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