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Bits from the past

En’s grandpa was a ham radio operator and it was a bit part of his life. At some point En found, I think at an antique store, something that would very much fit that same thing. It’s moved with us a couple of times...

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Christmas 2018

Sitting here in Seattle as I’m writing this I’m feeling angsty. There is so much changing and so many things to try to corral that Christmas snuck up on us. We have a cute Christmas rosemary plant with lights on. And...

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One thing that I often see in code that is written by people who are new at writing code is the absolute love of abstraction. Everything needs to be a constant that’s stored in a different file, because somehow this is a...

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A year

Each of us has gifts that we possess. And at the same time every one of is a flawed human being. You meet people… you develop relationships… You go through life poking for people not only who’s flaws you can...

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