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Workbench video mount

Total cost: around $5 + some weights I had lying around. The key if you make something like this a tripod mount is 1/4″ 20 TPI. If you’re looking for this, look for something like “1/4-20” and...

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GH5 VLOG test

A quick test video with the Panasonic GH5 shot with VLOG 10-bit @ 150mbps. Audio was from a Sennheiser wireless mic sent over XLR to the DMW-XLR1adapter. Grading and processing was with a demo version of Final Cut Pro. I shot it...

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Ultimaker 3

So the 3D printer — the Ultimaker 3 — arrived yesterday. Here’s it printing out a prototype of my slide scanner that I’ve been working on. This is mostly just testing the printer though. I put the model...

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