906 N. 83rd St
Seattle, WA 98103
United States of America

Latitude: -122.346779
Longitude: 47.689333

Grid square: CN87tq

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  • Listening to the air - This was the first set of real DX that I was able to make out above the noise. DK3EE was calling CQ on 80m and this is how it all went down. SWL Recording Cool stuff I tell ya! I think I’m going to need a better receive antenna. A vertical, while good for low-angle […]
  • The right time - It’s never the right time to do anything. Well, it almost never is. I had the antenna sitting in my garage waiting to be be installed since around February. Of course it wasn’t doing any good in the garage. Why was it in the garage? Because I might move and I would have to take […]
  • GAP Titan Antenna – SWR Analysis - So I have my antenna up and I took the time to run through the SWR charts for all of the bands. I can say it lives up to expectations — it resonates everywhere it was claimed to. I do have a bit of tuning I need to do on 40m and 15m, but both […]
  • The antenna is up in the air! - The GAP Titan has been installed and it’s working! It took a bit of time to get it done. I think it’s about 8-10 hours that I spent all told over the weekend not counting the time spent getting the feedline fished outside. Right now I’m listening to someone in France on 80m. :-D [smugmug […]
  • Overheard while putting up an antenna – or – That’s what she said! - Why don’t you come over and look how long it is. It’s hard to imagine it fit in that small box! Can you feel it? No. I’ll wiggle it for you. Can you feel me? I feel you! I Feel you! I guess I have to use the three big holes. The guys don’t have […]
  • SWR Analysis – MFJ-269 Antenna Analyzer + Comet GP 15 Antenna - Earlier in the year I wired up a Comet GP15 antenna in my attic. Yesterday I finally had a chance to test it! It’s nice being able to peer inside what seems like such a closed system: an antenna and a feedline. In my tests I had around 60 feet of feedline between me and […]
  • Putting up the antenna – Part 1 - We made it past a major milestone last night: we have a way of getting the antenna feedline out of the house! This was a harder job than I expected. Maybe it’s because I never did it. Let’s take a step back though. My station is located next to my computer in my office on […]
  • Using Evernote to help out with the National Traffic System - Yesterday I passed my second piece of traffic for the national traffic system. Here’s something I came up with to help out: an Evernote template manage all that. It started with the PDF template that was linked to from the Tri-County Traffic Net. This works well if you intend on printing everything out. The problem […]
  • W8DFL QSL Cards – NØUN and AB8Z Edition! - Just to be clear these aren’t in the normal sequence so if you’re following this (yeah, other than you Scrapple… :-) ) you’ll see these again in a few months. Why am I posting these? One reason: Current contacts. Wayne, NØUN, left a comment on the blog a week or so ago. John, AB8Z, was on […]
  • Connections - I started to post the QSL card that Vic W8DFL from Parma. En’s uncle Bill gave us the stack of QSL cards that Vic collected over the years. I just got a response from NØUN. Wayne grew up across the street from Vic. He’s now in Parker, CO — a suburb to the southeast of […]