George Burgyan
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E-commerce pioneer and thought leader coming off a successful integration after the acquisition of, looking for a leadership position in engineering developing innovative software solutions. Has a track record of delivering industry leading software to drive revenue and build market share. Experienced in working closely with both internal and external business partners and leading development teams to deliver market-leading solutions.

  • Worked at, a spin-off of Progressive Insurance, since its inception until it was sold to QuinStreet with a total market value of $120MM at the time of sale. Played a key role in developing into the nation’s largest insurance agency selling over $1.3B in policies.
  • Set broad team vision for architectural development plans.
  • Technology leader with a passion for understanding business drivers and delivering compelling results.
  • Strong technology background with skills spanning the gamut from very low level to enterprise architectural design.
  • Expertise in building high availability, high performance, multi-tenant SaaS systems.
  • Highly involved with the full software development lifecycle.
  • Significant experience with the .net stack (C#,, IIS, SQL Server), Java, C++, and web services. Familiarity with AWS, LAMP, AJAX, Javascript, SOA and a broad range of other languages including Python and Perl.


Amazon – 2012-Present

Software Development Engineer / Seattle, WA
Appstore – HTML5 Apps

SageQuest – 2011-2012

Software Development Architect / Solon, OH

  • Work on increasing the scalability of the home-built GPS vehicle tracking system to accommodate larger fleet sizes.
  • Mentor junior team members to be better programmers and architects.

QuinStreet – 2010-2011

Sr. Manager / Software Development Architect – 2010 – present
Solon, OH / Foster City, CA

Involved in all aspects of the transition after QuinStreet acquired QuinStreet had never been involved as deeply in the property and casualty insurance industry and needed much hand-holding while learning how the industry operated both from the business and technical perspectives. Managed the existing codebase and existing integrations while growing the functionality that was required by the new business realities.

Key projects and responsibilities

  • Played a key role in helping to define the business needs for the insurance vertical at QuinStreet.
  • Re-launch the system with a new set of business rules and objectives.
  • Integrate’s codebase with the existing QuinStreet architecture.
  • Primary technical contact with all of the auto insurance carriers.
  • Educate the business owners of the challenges of the industry they were entering. – 2001-2010

Software Architect
Solon, OH

Was with from its inception, playing a pivotal role in the translation of the business requirements to the overall architectural design. Oversaw all aspects of the technical implementation to ensure we can create the best multi-carrier, multi-channel auto insurance quoting platform built on a sophisticated rules framework to produce comparative quotes.

Key projects and responsibilities

  • Roll out a nationwide auto insurance quoting and selling system with over a dozen auto insurance carriers.
  • Managed the complexity of a quickly growing system to ensure that business has the flexibly to grow and scale the system as needed.
  • Built a multi-year roadmap to transition codebase from a legacy C++/COM/Classic ASP framework to a modern system built on C# and
    • New quoting platform saw a 4x increase in performance and consumed 1/2 of the memory.
    • Web site had a 45% increase in client-side speed.
  • Involved with ensuring the technology stack is built and updated to achieve PCI and SOX compliance.
  • Built and deployed a CMS to allow the business users to directly manage the web site using Sitecore.
  • Created a unified customer view linking together all interactions that a customer had with regardless of the source.
  • Developed a comprehensive A/B testing framework to help optimize metrics throughout the sales process.
  • Performance tuning of the broader system including the SQL Server database.
  • Worked to implement best practices by defining the internal Agile software development lifecycle with continuous improvements to all aspects of development, testing and integration.
  • Implemented a multi-branch source control system integrated with a continuous integration system to allow for rapid deployment of new features while allowing for the development of longer-term initiatives.
  • Developed and enforced design and coding standards.
  • Mentored junior developers and architects.

Cardinal Commerce – 1999-2001

Software Architect
Mentor, OH

Key projects and responsibilities

  • Design and implement a high-performance message-queuing system in Java to enable a high speed and high availability payment processing system.

Progressive Insurance – 1998-1999

Mayfield Village, OH

Key projects and responsibilities

  • Designed and implemented the initial internet motorcycle insurance product using Java on both the client and server side
  • Refactored the initial system to use IIS and classic ASP as a front-end using COM to eliminate the need for client-side Java

NetForce Development – 1994-1998

Woodmere, OH

Was one of the founding members of NetForce development in the early days of the internet. Worked closely with many local business to set up their initial internet presence with shopping carts and rich database back-ends.

Key projects and responsibilities

  • Worked all aspects of the sales and development process to design, develop and deploy solutions that solved the clients’ needs.
  • Designed an adjunct website to help drive customers into the sales funnel.
  • Contributed code to the Apache project help meet our internal needs.


Cleveland State University



  • C#
  • IIS
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • COM


  • C#
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Javascript
  • Perl
  • Python
  • XSLT
  • HTML / XML


  • jQuery
  • Sitecore certified developer
  • MySql
  • Unix/Linux
  • MacOS
  • Shell scripting
  • Common graphic design tools

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