I shot my first big batch of ammo last night (Thursday). I had three squib loads unfortunately. Thankfully I knew what was going on and nothing was damaged in the process.

I think this is all growing pains in terms of getting to know the process and the machine. Knowing what can go wrong makes you aware of what to look for next time.

In this case I had two problems.

The first is what caused the squibs. The bard that attaches the powder measure control to the die slipped off; a few nuts got loose and it slipped off. I caught it a few rounds in and I thought I found all the rounds that didn’t get charged, but I missed these. I tried to figure out which one didn’t get the powder by weighing them. The problem with this is that I was using mixed brass and all the brass weighed slightly different.

The second problem was the primer ram screw loosened. This didn’t cause any real problem other than frustration and loss of rhythm.

Rhythm is important in this. You get off and it’s hard to get back to exactly where you left off.

But even that is part of the learning exercise.

Today I loaded 200 rounds in around an hour.

I’m getting better.  :-)

Oh — by the way my math was wrong before. Even with 9mm I’m saving even more than I though! I can make a box of 100 rounds for around $10.00 (+/-). Two boxes of decent ammo (50 rounds each) would set me back $30 on average. ($20 if they are on sale, $40 if I get better stuff) I just saved $40! Woohoo!