Here’s the second in the short bonus series of W8DFL QSL cards… two more to come after this one.

I’ll start off with this one from Sr. Cletus:


I’ve seen cards from priests out in the field, but this is the first and only one I ran into from a nun. Seems she was demoing the radio for a class or something.

How she picked Sr. Mary Cletus, I might never know. I’ve got to say, she does have impeccable penmanship.


This is interesting for two reasons, two slashes. Here’s Ove operating from the Åland Islands which seem to be Finish, but only kinda-sorta. The even more interesting thing is W8DFL/OE2 which means that Vic was operating out of Austria! I know he was out to Switzerland when he was transmitting from the ITU, but I guess he roamed further than that!

I’ll leave this with a shortwave listening card:

SWL Card from England

Why? I love the complete hand-made nature of this one.

I wonder who Bob is. I wonder how Vic was supposed to send a QSL since I can’t even seem to find the address.

But it’s fascinating to look at.

Even the coastline of the US is in there.

1935. Before WWII.

How things change.

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4X4NJ     Isreal Ashdod   Mar 27, 1971 15 SSB  
9N1MM     Nepal Kathmandu   Mar 20, 1971 20 SSB  
CommSaint                 Odd.
CR1IZ     Mozambique Porto Amélia   Jan 21, 1970 10 SSB  
EL2BJ     Liberia Liberia   Mar 15, 1978 20 SSB  
G3XPO     England ?   Sep 30, 1975 20 SSB  
HV3SJ-2     Italy Rome 100 Nov 6, 1972 20 SSB  
I0SPQR     Italy Rome 100 Apr 21, 1977 20 SSB  
I1CHG     Italy Firenze   Apr 25, 1970 15 SSB  
JA3XPO-2 JA3USA   Japan     Mar 17, 1970     San Francisco Pavilion?
KC4USN-2     Antarctica South Pole         Mostly blank
KH6SP-2     USA Hawaii   Dec 25, 1958 10 SSB Phone patch
KL7FAR-2     USA St. Lawrence Island, AK   Oct 9, 1958 10 ?  
OH1JN-OH0 W8DFL/OE2   Finland Åland Island   Jun 3, 1972 20 SSB Vic in Austria
PrinceEdwardBlank                 Looks to be for visiting hams
SWL-England     England Standon   Mar 2, 1935 20 Fone  
UB5UW     USSR Kiev, Ukraine   Oct 20, 1959 10 AM  
VK2XT     Australia Toronto, NSW 2283 Sep 1, 1969 20 SSB  
W6BSO     USA Campbell, CA 95008 Nov 9, 1971     Eyeball
WA0JIE     USA Breckenridge, MN 56520 Apr 4, 1970 20 SSB  
WA1DIU     USA Groton, CT 6340 Oct 8, 1967 20 SSB