A good while ago I got a set of replacement toner cartridges for my printer — and HP 3600N.

It’s a good printer. Hell, it’s an awesome printer.

When I was getting low on toner I got some aftermarket replacements. I got an entire set when I was running low on just the black thinking that I would need the rest soon enough.

The black worked good enough for my taste.

Then, soon enough came. The remaining cyan, magenta, and yellow ran out at around the same time and I popped in the new cartridges.

The HP demo page

Ok, this might seem good enough… It’s not.

Here’s the detail:

Check out that janky color registration! OMFG that’s horrid!

I tried a bunch of calibrations and nothing helped.

Of course before the three new toner cartridges everything was dead on. Now it’s like you’re high on acid when you’re looking at this.


So I ordered up the stupid expensive OEM toners.

At least I’ll be able to read the result.