First off: don’t use them. They are a hack.


Ok, so in Seattle we had some yard art that Ennie had collected over the years. It’s welded bits of metal and stuff — it’s cool.

When they were packing and didn’t feel the need to get a bigger box or anything?

Well, just fucking bend it to fit.

There is fucking no excuse to wantonly fucking destroy your client’s possessions. None at all.

This is fucking ridiculous.

They also used some printed art as packing materials… Because they were fucking lazy good for nothings.

If you happen to think of using them, please don’t. If the assholes of Jordan River are the low bid, think about what your stuff is worth to you before even considering them.

Jordan River Movers, if you’re reading this, be thankful we’re not the litigious sort. If you want more information please reach out to me to confirm the completely inept job your employees did. You and your employees are a disgrace.